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What to Expect




Upon arriving to our facility, you will be promptly greeted by a member of our team.


Please be aware that as a safety precaution we do lock our doors by midnight. If you arrive after midnight, please ring the doorbell and we will be with you momentarily.


A qualified team member will immediately triage your pet in order to assess his or her presenting status.

If your pet's condition is stable, you will be asked to sign-in and fill out an information sheet. Once complete, you and your pet will be escorted into an exam room.

Green Eyed Cat

Follow-up Care


Because our facility is an emergency hospital only, you will need to follow up with your family veterinarian for ongoing care and re-evaluation. 


The doctor will inform you of his or her recommendations for at home and follow-up care.  Should you have any questions or feel your pet's condition is worsening please do not hesitate to call us.


We will electronically transfer your pet's medical record to your pet’s primary veterinarian of record.  Please inform our staff if you utilize more than one primary care veterinarian.

Basset Hound Check-Up



If your pet's condition is deemed critical, upon your consent, your pet will be carried to the treatment area for immediate evaluation while you sign in and fill out the necessary paperwork. This will allow our doctor to immediately examine your pet and with your permission, begin recommended treatments. 

From life threatening injuries to sudden illnesses, and from minor wounds to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, we are fully equipped to deal with any emergency.  Please know that, similar to any emergency room, we treat patients with the most critical needs first, regardless of when they check in. This may mean added wait time for less critical patients.

We thank you for understanding.


End of Life Care


We understand how difficult it is when you are faced with the decision of euthanasia.

If that time comes, our doctors and trained staff will discuss with you your thoughts, concerns and wishes as well as answer any questions you may have.


Microscope in Laboratory

Diagnosis & Treatment

Once your pet has been examined by the doctor, he or she will review with you their initial findings and recommendations.


After speaking with the doctor, a technician will present you with an estimate based on these recommendations. Once the estimate has been approved, your pet will be escorted to our treatment area where our expert team members are waiting to care for your pet.


Our treatment area has been specially designed with a number of features such as quiet lift tables and custom lighting, which allow our team to efficiently treat your pet in a reduced stress and animal-friendly environment.

Front Desk at Clinic

Payment Options


We accept most forms of payment, including cash,

money order, personal check (with valid ID), traveler's check, all major credit cards,

Care Credit & Scratch Pay.

Please be aware that Care Credit requires that the cardholder be present at the time of transaction and must provide two forms of ID.  Care Credit does not permit over the phone transactions.

Please call for additional information.


Money Order


Traveler's Cheque

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