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What are some signs that my pet may be in an emergency situation?

While some veterinary emergencies are clearly recognized like those listed below, some are much more difficult to identify. As a pet owner, you know your pet best. If you see a change in your pet's normal behavior, it may be a sign of something serious. Call us and speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians about any concern you may have.

Indications you need to seek veterinary attention:

  • Abnormal respiration/difficulty breathing

  • Abnormal heartbeat or heart rate

  • Pale, red, grey, purple gums

  • Seizures/disorientation

  • Swollen abdomen

  • Limping/unable to walk

  • Blood in urine or feces

  • Abnormal or lack of urination

  • Ingestion of toxic substances (see our page on pet toxic substances)

  • Vomiting/Diarrhea

  • Pain (yelping, crying, arching back abnormally, etc.)

Are appointments required?

We do not schedule appointments, we operate on a walk-in only basis. Depending on the severity of the problem presented, some patients may require immediate veterinary intervention placing them before your pet, we hope you understand. Minutes count in an emergency and we want to make sure every patient gets the medical attention they require as quickly as possible.

If my pet is hospitalized will they be monitored constantly?

In the event your pet is hospitalized, you can rest easy knowing they are continually monitored by our professional and attentive team. We have a full staff of doctors, technicians, and assistants during all open hours of operation. 

Are payment plans available?

We are unable to offer payment plans due to our high volume of patients. All payment is due when services are rendered.

We do accept these forms of payment:

  • Care Credit (Card holder must be present)

  • Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express

  • Check with photo ID

  • Cash

  • Travelers Check

  • Scratchpay

Do you treat exotic animals?

We do not currently treat any exotic animals or pocket pets.

Do you accept orphaned or injured wildlife?

We are a wildlife drop-off point for injured and orphaned wildlife ,excluding racoons and bats, during our business hours only. Please contact your local animal control department if possible and only handle wildlife if protective clothing and equipment are available. Our staff cannot pick up wildlife. Please call for further assistance. 

Department of Natural Resources: 803-955-4000

Horry County Animal Control: 843-248-1520

Myrtle Beach Animal Control: 843-918-1382

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